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I Will Gladly Cut Spending Tuesday For A Tax Increase Today

by Marco Ken on January 2, 2013

in Politics

The Republican party must be the most bizarre political party ever created.  Very rarely can I and my conservative friends figure out what they are trying to do and why.  I voted Republican in the last two out of three elections (In 2008 I voted Constitution Party…there was no way I was going to vote for McCain).  When someone as staunchly-conservative as I cannot vote for the party of conservatives the party is finished.  Many Republicans in Congress and the Senate can see the writing is on the wall but are not sure what to do about it.  The general view is that as our nation’s demographics change that the only way to ensure the party stays relevant is to reach out to Hispanics and say, “Voto por Nosotros!” and “We want amnesty too…just slower amnesty.”  This will unfortunately not help the problem and will even more quickly relegate the Republican’s to irrelevance.  There are two primary reasons for that.  The first is that Reagan tried this in the 80’s.  1986 to be exact.  What was the result?  In 1984 Reagan received 34% of the Hispanic vote and in 1988 Bush received 25% of the Hispanic vote.  The second is that the print and broadcast media generally push liberal causes.  This is why most folks don’t know that it was the Democrat party that filibustered  the civil rights act of  1960, 1964, and nearly filibustered the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  You don’t know this because the media believes that the Democrats (more specifically Lyndon Johnson’s passage of the Great Society programs) evens things out.  Unfortunately, Johnson’s support of civil rights was designed to go hand-in-hand with creating dependency under his new expanded welfare programs.  According to author and historian Ronald Kessler, President Lyndon Johnson made the claim, “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” The cause was not to do the morally-correct thing, but to solicit votes.

This then brings us to the Republicans.  The media views Republican’s as the party that hates clean air, clean water and children.  They are portrayed as the old white man’s party; the party that tells Oliver ‘no’ when he asks for more.  They are the party of “NO!” The Republicans usually counter these arguments by trying to play the Democrat’s game.  Unfortunately this tactic won’t work and they need an entirely new strategy which I shall outline for them below.  Bear in mind the media is generally progressive and anti-conservative and Obama right now has the upper hand. As President he can call a press conference whenever he wants and just point the finger at John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House.  The way out, however, begins with an apology and if the Republicans can follow my plan they just may have a chance.

First, the Republicans have a major creditability problem.  This is primarily what’s destroying them.  Democrats are the party of wealth redistribution, social welfare, and collectivist thought (i.e. Unions).  Everything they do centers around these things.  What do the Republicans stand for?  I certainly don’t know. They claim they stand for fiscal discipline yet every Republican president that has been in office since I’ve been alive has literally broken the bank on spending.  They claim to support education but did Reagan do anything to reform the Dept. of Education which was created just a year before he took office?  Have the other Republican presidents done anything since?  When the Republicans had majorities in the House and Senate and a Republican President in 2003-2006 was sound fiscal policy enacted?  Did government become smaller?  What about fair trade?  Under Republican leadership I’m constantly being told our country would be more prosperous if my job were shipped overseas.  NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) were resoundly approved by Republicans.  I once saw a Republican Congressman on TV claim that for each job outsourced 2 jobs are created in America.  By that reckoning, shouldn’t we strive to outsource as many jobs as possible?  The fact of the matter is that the Republican party currently stands for nothing.  Their motto during elections is, “Well…we’re not them.”  If the Republicans want to become relevant again they need to do a few things:

Create a “We’re sorry” YouTube Video.  Prominent Republicans such as Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Eric Cantor,  and Bobby Jindal will appear one at a time, each for two seconds, saying “We’re sorry.” and then explain how the party has failed and betrayed the American people.  (focus on the things I’ve listed above) The video concludes with one of them outlining the new platform of the Republican Party which consists of the following primary points


  1. The more successful someone is the more likely that person will vote Republican, therefore the party supports school vouchers and school choice in all districts and all states.
  2. As a country cannot exist without a manufacturing economic base the party supports fair trade only and no longer supports free trade.  The party also recognizes that tariffs must be placed on imports especially whereby there is a significant dichotomy between safety and environmental regulations pertaining to the import country in question
  3. As our founding fathers urged us to not become involved in foreign conflicts the party will no longer support deployment of service personnel to any foreign theater without a declaration of war with the exception of humanitarian aid in times of natural disasters.
  4. As a bankrupt nation cannot defend itself the party every year  shall draw a budget that shall be 1 trillion dollars less than the expected expenditures.  This shall be based upon an analysis of the last 5 years of income vs. expenses.
  5. Believing that a government which governs least is best, the party will strive to shrink the size of the Federal Government.
  6. As the constitution does not provide for funding of welfare, these programs shall be returned to the states for sponsorship and management.


A Republican apology with these six things outlined will not be able to be ignored by the mainstream media.  It turns the Republican party from a reactionary party to an evolutionary party.  Going forward, Republican leadership can ensure the party’s new mantra is that of liberty, freedom, hard work, and fiscal discipline.  In this way the next time a Republican is debating a Democrat and the Democrat says, “You’re part of the party of ‘no’ you need to stop standing in our way.” The Republican can reply, “We believe the American people are smart enough to make their own decisions…what is it about Liberty and Freedom that makes you hate it so?”  And that’s how you really play politics with the Democrats…not by doing what Boehner does which usually consists of laying down.

And this brings us to the looming fiscal cliff.  The Republicans are in a lose-lose position here and don’t know how to turn things around.  The party is currently split between those who won’t support raising taxes on anyone at all, and those who will support a raise for those making a over $400,000 a year.  The Democrats have turned this into an appeal to the American People that come January 1, 2013 everyone’s tax rates go up and at fault are the Republicans because they want to insulate their wealthy friends.  Of course Obama could just sign an extension of the Bush tax cuts but he won’t do that and the Republicans have refused to call him out on it.

If the Republicans were to follow my six points above the next thing for them to do is to do a parry-riposte (block the attack, then counter attack).  Republicans are horrible at political fights…think about McCain vs. Obama, and Romney vs. Obama…yikes.  Here’s what the Republicans need to do.  Contact the Democratic leadership and explain that the senate has not passed a budget in the last 3 years (which is illegal).  Insist that the Democrats craft a budget that decreases spending  1 trillion dollars from the previous years spending.  In exchange for that the Republicans will agree to whatever tax increase percentage the president wants on those making greater than $400K.  Conclude by telling the Democrat leadership that Republicans will vote ‘present’ since they don’t agree with raising taxes but that won’t prevent the Democrats from raising the rate to whatever they want and passing the bill.  After this…walk away.  Just walk away and take to social media and explain that raising taxes on the rich like Obama wants will bring in something near 70 Billion additional dollars.  But cutting 1 Trillion dollars from the budget will result in a balanced budget…it won’t pay down the deficit, but it won’t add to it either.  Keep in mind, under President Obama each year our nation runs annual budget deficits over 1 trillion dollars.

Our country is bankrupt.  It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world realizes it too.  Have you noticed how your grocery bill has gone up but all the portions in the boxes have become smaller?  You must feel it.  There’s a reason why gun sales are surging; people know that once there’s no money for food stamps, and welfare, the people who live off these programs will come for your things.  We must have a strong opposition party that will stand up to the party of the collective.  Will the Republicans be able to change?  Let’s hope so before it’s too late.

-Marco Ken

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